The Paper Boat Project

The Concept

The paper boat acknowledges both the site’s previous history as a paper mill and celebrates its riverside location. It is something of a metaphor for a blank canvas and a starting point for creative expression. To build a precinct locals would call their own, we engaged the community to create it. Culturally and artistically, “live at The Paper Mill” inspired participation. Children from a local early learning centre painted and folded the paper boats central to the identity and an installation was made up of these hundreds of paper boats suspended on fishing wire. The community’s contributions emphasise its role in the transformative and positive changes that the area is undergoing.

The Children

We wanted to open up this project to the community to encourage local kids to show their creativity, diversity and illustrate how many small acts of making can make a big impact. We’d like to thank the staff and children from Clovel Early Learning Centre Liverpool, aged 1 to 5, for making the paper boats shown here.